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sofia.molin (at) grusgrus.fi


Sofia Molin holds an MA in acting from St.Petersburg state theatre arts academy. After her studies she has mainly worked bilingually (in Finnish and Swedish) as a freelancer in professional theatre groups, but also in institutions as Turku city theatre, Turku Swedish Theatre, Swedish theatre in Helsinki. She has a vast experience of performing in performances altering from textbased traditional theatre, fysical theatre to site-specific and dance. Sofia has also worked as a consulting dramaturge and script-writer in several productions and as a translator (Russian).

At Grus Grus Theatre Sofia is active with her solo, an awarded play for children “The Birchmouse and the Shrew” (“Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen-Björkmusen och näbbmusen”), which combines drawing and storytelling: The Birchmouse and The Shrew

Sofia studies presently at “The Academy of Artistic Thinking” (Taiteellisen ajattelun akatemia), which is a collaboration between Cirko and The University of Arts 2018-2021. See more at  Taiteellisen ajattelun akatemia on Cirko:s webpage.