Teoksen Närproducerat markkinointikuva. Kuvassa: Sandrina Lindgren, kuvaaja: Jussi Virkkumaa.



Närproducerat – cooking as dance A dance solo performance inspired by the dynamic movements of cooking. What does everyday movements […]

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Kärringmossen (eng. Swamp of Hags)

  Silence lingers upon the swamps. Two creatures appear out of the blue – disappointed over the oblivion on their […]

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Clowne Moderne

Clowne Moderne – an exhibition tour with a contemporary clown Clowne Moderne is a site-specific exhibition tour where Janna Haavisto’s contemporary […]

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Full Measures

  A chance meeting in a chaotic world of constant change. A couple unites in an attempt to measure, map out […]

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Requiem for vacuum cleaning

What happens to the vacuum cleaning when we approach it as dance? This is a performance that is a cleaning […]

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The Rabbi’s cat

Rabbinens katt is a puppetry – music theatre adaptation of Joann Sfar’s serie album The Rabbi’s Cat (Le Chat du […]

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The last drop (Viimeinen pisara)

Mankind is trying, struggling – mankind is climbing higher and higher. Everything is growing, everything is accelerating, everything is getting […]

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Invisible lands

Across the desert, behind our back. Up the mountain, down our spine. Over the sea, just under our nose. On […]

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Yöväenteatteri – a theatre of sidewalk cracks

Yöväenteatteri is a series of site specific miniature performances made in urban settings. With the help of small figurines each scene […]

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T as in Dance

A dancer’s ABC performance A guest comes for a visit and opens an ABC book for reading, but several letters […]

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Household Dance Protocol

The Household Dance Protocol (HDP) examines our relationship with housework through dance and somatic movement techniques. The project runs between 2017 and […]

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The Unknown Lion

A stand up duetto for a puppeteer & a national symbol After a hundred years of faithful service, the Finnish […]

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The Birchmouse and the Shrew

Touring at theaters, kindergartens and schools The Birchmouse and the Shrew  is a visually charming childerns performance.  The play combines […]