Ennuste, negatiivinen (eng. Prognosis, negative)

A photo of the sculpture En decontruccio 1 by artist Tania Font @Vegap / Kuvasto 2021
Tania Font, En decontruccio 1 @Vegap / Kuvasto 2021

Ennuste, negatiivinen (eng. Prognosis, negative)

– the human being as an administrative problem

An exceptional time. The system works. The rules are clear. Only determination is needed in order to follow them.

 A seriously injured woman is found at the roadside. She is not a problem of this division, but on the basis of a quick examination, the diagnosis is clear: she will die soon. An exception is made, she is granted a place to wait for her death. The confusion thickens: How long will she live? Where are we going? What is the question that human life is the answer to? When is the tobacco break?

A city bus has been converted into a temporary field hospital for the Armed Forces. The spectators are picked up by the bus that transports them back and forth according to order and command. Grus Grus Teatteris unique ensemble creates a stage adaptation of writer Willy Kyrklund’s short story Prognos, negative, through which the spectator travels to the very centre of the fragility, uncertainty and confusion of life.

“If you would have a piece of chamber music that is composed for five musicians and takes half an hour to play, no one would think of speeding it up, playing it through in twenty minutes in order to save in on the musicians’ salaries. Nor would anyone come up with the idea of ​​saving half an hour of work by hastily and lightly dismissing a musician and then expecting the four to play exactly the same music as the five had played before. A piece of chamber music takes the time it takes to play and listen to. The situation is similar in healthcare ”- Merete Mazzarella

Directing and stage-adaptation: Ville Kurki and Sofia Molin

Performers: Ville Oinonen, Ishmael Falke, Janna Haavisto, Sandrina Lindgren, Petri Tuominen
Sound design: Kalle Terästö
Costume design: Amita Kilumanga
Choreographic consultation: Sandrina Lindgren

In co-operation with the faculty of medicine at the University of Turku 

Original work, Willy Kyrklund´s short-story “Prognos, negativ”

World premiere Thu 11.11.2021 a moving performance around Turku

Ticket sales start 1.9.2021!

Fri 12.11. at 19:00
Sat 13.11. at 16:00 and 19:00
Thu 18.11. at 19:00
Fri 19.11. at 19:00
Sat 20.11. at 16:00 and 19:00
Thu 25.11. at 19:00
Fri 26.11. at 19:00
Sat 27.11. at 16:00 and 19:00
Thu 2.12. at 19:00
Fri 3.12. at 19:00
Sat 4.12. at 16:00 and 19:00

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