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Cancelled shows this Spring

Cancelled shows this Spring Because of the Corona virus many of Grus Grus Theatre’s shows have been cancelled. These are our confirmed canceled performances at this point: 17.3. Invisible Lands, Starke Stücke festival, Rüsselheim, Germany 18-19.3. Invisible Lands, Starke Stücke festival, Eschborn, Germany 20.3. Invisible Lands, Starke Stücke festival, Frankfurt, Germany 21.3 Invisible Lands, Freakstadt, …

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Invisible lands

Livsmedlet duo, a part of the Grus Grus Teatteri company, continues its international tour this autumn with the awarded show Invisible Lands. During September-November the show performs in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Liechtenstein and France. During beginning of 2020 the tour continues in Germany and France, and expands also to Lithuania and Canada. Invisible lands …

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Workshop in Clown Play by Pedro Fabião

INTERNATIONAL CLOWN COURSE finally coming to Turku! 12.-14.8.2019 Pedro Fabião: Clown Play For me, Clown is in its essence an altered body/mind state of full connection, curiosity, authenticity, playfulness, generous expression and transformation. It’s not a technique, a method, light entertainment or rational humour – it involves a life-long journey to accept and play with …

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Clowne Moderne

Clowne Moderne – an exhibition tour with a contemporary clown Clowne Moderne is a site-specific exhibition tour where Janna Haavisto’s contemporary clown character Taika Ansa Idé (T.A.Idé) experiences and interprets art. The performance is contemporary theatre where the audience and the clown meet in the  midst of  modern art. The clown steps down from the stage …

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Full Measures

  A chance meeting in a chaotic world of constant change. A couple unites in an attempt to measure, map out and define each other. Measuring has become an integral part of our existence. Do we still measure to improve our lives, or have the roles changed – do we now live to measure more effectively? …

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The last drop (Viimeinen pisara)

Mankind is trying, struggling – mankind is climbing higher and higher. Everything is growing, everything is accelerating, everything is getting better than before. Don´t look down, don´t look back.  Grus Grus Theater produces a fascinating circusperformance where the doors of the subconscious stand ajar and hands reach out for the impossible. Directors: Ville Kurki and …

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This week: “Yöväenteatteri” and “Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen”

MEET GRUS GRUS THEATRE AT THIS SUMMERS FESTIVALS! 8.6 FRIDAY “Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen” at Hangö Teaterträff 2018, Hanko “Yöväenteatteri” at Olohuone 306,4 km² -kaupunkitaidetapahtuma Urban art festival, Turku 9.6 SATURDAY “Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen” at Hangö Teaterträff 2018, Hanko “Yöväenteatteri” at URB 18 festival, Helsinki 10.6 SUNDAY “Yöväenteatteri” at URB 18 festival, Helsinki

Invisible lands

Across the desert, behind our back. Up the mountain, down our spine. Over the sea, just under our nose. On the day the war broke out, we left home. Geography and politics are physically extended and transformed into organic performance platforms – our bodies – and we learn what touch, presence, and endurance really are …

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Yöväenteatteri – a theatre of sidewalk cracks

Yöväenteatteri is a series of site specific miniature performances made in urban settings. With the help of small figurines each scene transforms street elements like sidewalk cracks, trashcans or water puddles into vast set designs. This sublime micro-scale landscape is the kulisse for stories of humans and their ability or inability to adapt to their surroundings. During spring …

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Household Dance Protocol

Hushållets Dansprotokoll (HDP) är ett projekt som undersöker vår relation till hushållsarbete genom dans samt somatisk- och fysisk rörelse. Projektets mål är att väcka diskussion om hushållsarbetets status i vårt samhälle och att fantisera om en alternativ verklighet där hushållsuppgifter är viktiga och värderade rörelsesritualer i våra liv. Detta är särskilt viktigt i ett samhälle …

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Household Dance Protocol

Household Dance Protocol/ Hushållets Dansprotokoll (HDP) is a project that investigates our relation to household work through dance and somatic- and physical movement methods. The projects aim is to awaken a discussion about the household work’s status in our society and to fantasize about an alternative reality where household tasks are important and valued movement …

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