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T as in Dance

A dancer’s ABC performance

A guest comes for a visit and opens an ABC book for reading, but several letters have escaped. Where can they be in the room? How do you dance with a D? And what’s the difference between the Finnish word Tanssi and the swedish word Dans?

T som i Dans / T niinkuin Danssi, is a solo show for children in the ages 1-6, that is mixing dance, play and visual storytelling. The performance plays with the letters of the alphabet and their forms, sounds and meaning. The performance also touches on issues of bilingualism in a playful way.

T as in Dans aims to raise children’s curiosity for letters and inspire learning through physical movement. The performance also contains some interactive play parts. T as in Dance can be performed in Finnish (T niin kuin Danssi) or Swedish (T som i Dans) and is also suitable for Swedish and Finnish bilingual groups.

Idea and performance: Sandrina Lindgren, Music: Marja Johansson,
Dramatic counseling: Ishmael Falke, Sofia Molin
Length: about 25 min
Preparation: 15 min
audience: 2-20 children
music: played from medhavd mp3
local: nursery rooms, playrooms (toys etc. around the place is a plus), dance surface: min. 2×2 m dance surface
Public place: children and adults on the floor or chairs alongside one side of the room.
Language: Swedish, Finnish

Sandrina Lindgren is a Swedish dance artist and theater creator. She has performed for children in several productions and has been touring solo shows for kindergarten since 2010. Her previous solo Nystet has been performed over 100 times in four different languages, at kindergartens in Holland, Finland and Sweden. Sandrina is one of the core members of Grus Grus Teatteri and in the theater duo Livsmedlet. Sandrina has also taught children in play and movement.