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Household Dance Protocol

The Household Dance Protocol (HDP) examines our relationship with housework through dance and somatic movement techniques. The project runs between 2017 and 2019 and offers activities such as dance-household-workshops, podcast radio programs, installations and live performances in Turku and elsewhere. HDP asks things like what is the difference between dance movements and household movements and why do we rather go to the gym to lift wights than carrying home our own grocery bags.

The purpose of the HDP is to create a discussion about the status of household work in our society and together with audiences and participants, imagine an alternative reality where household tasks are important and valued movement rituals in our lives. HDP is initiated by the Swedish artist and theater maker Sandrina Lindgren and is carried out together with the composer and Qigong teacher Antti Tolvi and in collaboration with several other Turku-based artists.

The HDP is supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation, Art Promotion Center Finland, Varsinais-Suomen Maakuntarahasto, TOP säätiö and the Regional Dance Center of Western Finland.

The household’s Dance Protocol offers online podcasts and workshops to groups who want to investigate and question their relationship with household work and everyday practical body movement.

For more information contact sandrina.lindgren(a)grusgrus.fi and visit Household Dance Protocol’s website: householddance.com

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Previous Program:

Jan: Podcast episode 2 “Choreography for body and bread” is releasedonline!
Feb 25: Workshop “dishes and dances” at Konsan Kartano in Turku
Mar 4-16: residence at Ehkä at contemporary art press Kutomo, Turku
Mar 11 and 14: Workshops “Vacuum cleaner yoga”, Kutomo, Turku
Mar 17: Work presentation at Kutomo, Turku
April 28: Installation “Kitchen Explorations” at the Festival of Instant Choreography in Helsinki
September 2018: Podcast episode 3 “meditation with a vacuum cleaner” is released online!

Sept 1: Podcast episode 1 “Dance Mode vs Routine Mode” Released Online!
Sept 12: Mini-household dance workshop during DOC lounge at Bar Ö, Åbo
Okt 7: Installation “Kitchen Explorations” at the New Performance Festival Turku 2017 as a part of Occupy Aurajoki
Dec 8: HDP leading “Fredag med kolleger”