Enorma ettan (engl. Enormously alone)

En fascinerande fysisk föreställning om ett par som skiljer sig Gästspel på Åbo svenska teaterns Tiljan-scen 16.2 kl.18 Äntligen på […]

The Rabbi´s cat

En musikfylld dockteaterföreställning om frihet, tillhörighet och samexistens Gästspel på Åbo svenska teaters Studioscen 12.4 kl 19 13.4 kl.18 27.4 […]

In the future

The last drop (Viimeinen pisara)

Mankind is trying, struggling – mankind is climbing higher and higher. Everything is growing, everything is accelerating, everything is getting […]

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Invisible lands

Invisible Lands has premiered 2015 and has been since then performing in Finland, Estonia and France. On 2018 the show […]

In the past

Yöväenteatteri a theatre of sidewalk cracks

Yöväenteatteri is a series of site specific miniature performances made in urban settings. With the help of small figurines each […]

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T as in Dance

T som i Dans / T niin kuin Danssi (T as in Dance) A dancer’s ABC performance A guest comes […]

In the future

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Household Dance Protocol

The Household Dance Protocol (HDP) examines our relationship with housework through dance and somatic movement techniques. The project runs between […]

The Unknown Lion

The Unknown Lion A stand up duetto for a puppeteer & a national symbol After a hundred years of faithful […]

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”A lovestory that charms line by line”  TOURING AT THEATRES, KINDERGARTENS AND SCHOOLS! The Birchmouse and the Shrew  is a […]