The Birchmouse and the Shrew at ÅST


Now it is official: “The Birchmouse and the Shrew” will appear at Turku Swedish Theatre in Fall 2019! The mice […]

The Guardian gives five stars to “Invisible lands”


The performance “Invisible lands” is touring abroad and receives five stars from the Guardian! “It’s masterfully done, the combination of […]

This week: “Yöväenteatteri” and “Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen”


MEET GRUS GRUS THEATRE AT THIS SUMMERS FESTIVALS! 8.6 FRIDAY “Koivuhiiri ja päästäinen” at Hangö Teaterträff 2018, Hanko “Yöväenteatteri” at […]

Yöväenteatteri in Turku and Helsinki


The performance series Yöväenteatteri attends Olohuone 306.4 km² urban art festival on the 8th June and the URB festival in […]

“Invisible Lands” awarded prize in Poland


Livsmedlet duo, which forms part of Grus Grus Theater’s core group, won the festival’s director’s prize for Invisible Lands at […]

Our new producer


Producer Laura Taberman is starting her work at Grus Grus Teatteri. A warm welcome to this wild bunch !